Low Profile, is the main license holder of the brands Hawes&Curtis, Ghost, Allegra by Allegra which are giving direction to World fashion,with around 3000 staff and 60 retail stores. LOW PROFILE İtanbul Tekstil Sanayii ve Dıu351 Ticaret A.Ş is one of the leading companies of British fashion retailing companies.Low Profie is also in the leader position in Bursa as one Turkeyís world-scale exporters in production and sales.Our company is making difference by being attentive to Universal values, environmentally sensitive and loyal to quality and service principles ,and is also accelerating sector growth rate with its human oriented working system. Furthermore, our company is designing,producing and delivering 4.000.000 units per year from A to Z to several important companies in fashion and ready-to-wear sector. The next target for us is open new stores in U.S.A. in 2013. Our experience and knowledge to America.